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Tile Slabs At Our Tempe Arizona Slab Yard

Save money on tile remnants & tile slabs

Looking for a way to save money on your next home improvement project? Look no further than Remnants & Slabs! We have a wide variety of natural stone to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

Our Featured Slabs & Remnants

We carry the best remnants and slabs at the lowest prices in town. You can visit our showroom in Tempe, Arizona.

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Tile Slab Yard In Phoenix, Tile Slabs Sold At Stone Boneyard
Tile slab yard in AZ

The Best Arizona Granite Tile Yard In Tempe

After a construction job or home remodeling project there are often extra granite slabs, quartz, marble, and other leftover building materials. In our Arizona slab yard, we offer a great selection of remnants & slabs. Suitable for a variety of home remodeling projects. Granite Slabs Phoenix are the best way to save on your project without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re looking to install a stone for a kitchen, bath, or doing some other type of home remodel, we offer an inventory that’s always changing. When you visit our showroom you’ll find a wide selection of granite, quartz, quartzite, and marble to fit any budget. You’ll find hundreds of square feet of building materials suitable for flooring, countertops, or anywhere else where you may need to remodel. Visit our granite page to learn about your countertops.

Discounted Tile In Tempe Arizona Slab Yard

We are the best place to buy tile slabs in Arizona at our clearance yard. We do this by sourcing the best material. We find slabs and pieces of stone rather than prefabricating the material and passing the cost onto our customers.

This allows installers to offer customized solutions for your house when you’re remodeling. We also use this process for our quartz and marble products. Visit our marble remnants page to learn more.

We have a clearance section that has a wide variety of slabs and remnants that are discounted. If you’re looking to do a project on a budget, our granite clearance section is the perfect place to start. We also offer bundling discounts when you purchase multiple slabs.

Tile in Tempe AZ, Arizona Slab Yard, Stone Boneyard
Slabs of tile in AZ
Tile Granite Slabs Sold Phoenix Arizona, The Best Tile Slab Yard.
Tile slabs Tempe

Tile In Arizona Clearance Yard

We have a wide range of granite slabs in Phoenix. These pieces are great for anyone looking to make upgrades without breaking the bank. Our prices are low compared to traditional buying methods. Skip the broker and buy directly. Are you looking to save money on Quartz? Visit our Quartz page today.

If you’re in the Tempe, AZ area, we have a clearance yard there. With a wide variety of granite, quartz, and greatly priced slabs, we’re sure to have what you need. When visiting granite yards you’ll need to imagine the slab in your project space. We recommend taking photos of the project space before hand. Once you’re visiting the boneyard you can reference the photo and have a better idea if the slab is going to be the perfect piece.

Stone Boneyard selling the best tile slabs in Tempe, AZ.
Tile slabs at Tempe, Arizona slab boneyard

The Best Granite Discounted Tile Slabs in Phoenix.

With great service, an inventory full of tile boneyard, and other quality stone building materials. We hope you take the opportunity to browse our stone yard located in Tempe, AZ or check out our online inventory.

We have compiled a great selection of stone and tile products from around the world to help you complete your home building or renovation project. We are confident that we can provide you with the best quality materials at the most competitive prices. Our tile experts in Tempe AZ are always available to answer any questions you may have and help.

Granite Tile Slabs At Our Boneyard.
Granite tile slabs for sale in Tempe, AZ

Cost Of Tile Slabs At Our Boneyard In Tempe AZ

Pricing will vary from slab to slab. All tile slabs come in different sizes and rarity. You can expect to pay less for common smaller pieces vs rare full slabs that are considered exotic pieces that will have a higher cost. Below is an example of cost for tile slabs.

Tile Slab NameDimensionCost
Bianco Antico59 in X 38 in X 2 cm$200.00
Bahamas White102 in X 44 in X 3 cm$400.00
Breckin Ridge77 in X 40 in X 2 cm$275.00
Casa Blanca54 in X 34 in 2 cm$235.00
Fantasy Brown71 in X 35 in X 2 cm$275.00
Instabul83 in X 51 in X 2 cm $300.00
Kashmire Pearl131 in X 79 in X 2 cm $800.00
Patagonia79 in X 89 in X 3 cm$650.00
Bianco Tiza65 in X 37 in X cm$225.00
Carrara Mist127 in X 64 in X 3 cm $750.00
General cost of tile slabs and remnants at our Tempe, Arizona slab yard.

Examples of cost of slabs at our boneyard

Please know our inventory changes out regularly. Please check out store to see our latest tile slab inventory.

Clearance tile slab yard in Tempe AZ.
Granite boneyard slabs in Tempe, Arizona

Our Tile Yard In AZ Has Clearance Slabs

Our Arizona boneyard tile yard has over 1000 products. You’ll be sure to find the perfect granite tile slab. When you visit our Arizona slab yard you can see and touch the tile slabs. This gives you the ability to see the stone in natural sunlight. Most slabs have different finishes. Seeing the slabs in-person makes you a informed shopper.

Granite Tile Slabs in Tempe Arizona
Granite tile boneyard in Tempe AZ

When Visiting Our AZ Tempe Tile Granite Yard

  1. Measure the dimensions you need for your project before hand. The length and width.
  2. Bring a tape measure with you when visiting our slab yard. When walking through our slab boneyard. You’ll most likely see a piece of stone that might a good fit for your project. Having the tape measure on hand make this an easier process. You can quickly measure and cross reference your project measurements.
  3. Ask the team our stone experts questions. They’ll know if the material you’re selecting is a good fit for indoor or outdoor use. They love to talk about natural stone slabs.

Tile granite slabs sizes
Granite slabs for sale at Tempe Slab Boneyard

We’re a Premier Tile Tempe AZ Slab Company

Granite is known as a strong stone, making it ideal for countertops where they get a lot of use. Granite comes in a variety of colors and forms. Since it’s hard and non-porous, it’s great for the kitchen, where bacteria can be an issue. It’s easy to clean and maintain, making it easy to avoid contamination.

Another plus of using granite is that it’s not susceptible to flames or heat. Using a granite surface reduces the risk of fire, making it a safer material to use in kitchens. Save money by buying remnants and slabs.

Granite countertops add so much in terms of value and beauty to a kitchen. If you’re in need of a granite countertop, the Stone Boneyard offers a great selection of high-quality materials to choose from. If you’re looking for a granite slabs business, the Stone Boneyard is the place to find the perfect materials for your next home project. Are you looking for the best tiles in Tempe Arizona? We have the best selection for tile slab yard in Tempe, AZ.

Stone Boneyard showroom best place for slabs and remnants in Arizona.
Stone Boneyard showroom offering tile slabs in AZ

Get started on your remodeling countertop project

Why put off that kitchen or bathroom remodel? Stop by today, find what you need, make a payment, and begin the journey in transforming your home. We’re here to guide you and would love to help you with any home project you’d like to complete.

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