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Choosing a stone counter made from high-quality slabs of quartz, granite, or marble – did you ever think it would be possible on a budget? The customized slabs made from natural stone options like marble, quartz, and Arizona quartzite at The Stone Boneyard are second to none in quality, affordability, and neat installation.

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Marble slab

What is Quartz?

So why choose quartz? It’s highly affordable for Phoenix homeowners compared to marble. Plus, it’s non-porous, making it one of the most versatile materials to install. It’s available in a range of colors thanks to fabrication. It’s even a durable enough stone to use for your bathroom or your quartz countertops, Mesa, AZ, or Phoenix, AZ homeowners.

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Marble slab

Best Spaces for Quartz Countertops Phoenix AZ

This stone is an excellent choice for the kitchen or bathroom, thanks to its durability and natural beauty. Please browse our inventory and choose your favorite design before installation.


This stone is prepared with a fabricator that makes it non-porous (unlike a natural stone surface), meaning that it repels water and is an effortless surface to clean. The range of styles this stone is available in means that you can choose between many different colors. Additionally, our unique approach of using slabs rather than prefabricated blocks helps save you money when remodeling.

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The non-porous nature of quartz and quartzite make them trendy choices for remodeling a bathroom. Using a fabricator, we can make the surface immune to water damage for many, many years. Contact us to learn more about the materials we use.

Why Buy from Us?

At The Stone Boneyard, all our contractors are fully bonded, licensed, and insured. That means we’ll be held accountable if we deliver anything less than top-quality service, so it’s a sign that you can trust us.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Why choose quartz over granite? The range of color choices is greater than with granite or marble, and the stone is more durable when it comes to water damage. Contact us to learn more.

Due to our unique method in Phoenix of remodeling using spare slab pieces, we’re able to provide a lower rate than search engines or competitors will tell you. Call us to discuss pricing.

As you’ll see when you drop by our showroom, quartz can be more beautiful and durable than even marble. Come visit us today. For quartz and quartzite, Arizona residents can rely on us.

Call us, or better yet – see our showroom inventory in person. We’re happy to discuss pricing and offer an estimate. We’d love to give you a beautiful stone countertop installed in your home at an affordable rate.

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