Slabs Vs Remnants

Slabs Vs Remnants

You could add a touch of elegance to your restroom or bathroom vanity top with granite remnants. A small countertop, say in the kitchen is also possible for those who want an affordable option that still looks elegant and sophisticated.

This might come as a surprise however it isn’t necessary to buy a new slab if you are looking for decorative fantasies; instead, use what’s leftover after removing old tiles on floors like wood particleboard which is great because they’re already cut into shapes.

What Are Granite Remnants?

Granite countertops are the most requested cap for building construction today. We tend to see more uses in the kitchen, but it’s an essential element that can bring a sense of elegance to your bathroom vanity top and other countertop needs as well. Granites have a high density which makes them ideal material when carved into any type of space – from exteriors or interiors.

Although granite is very durable if cared for properly by being sealed against water entry then maintaining its original coloration through the application or paste waxing once per year will keep this beautiful stone looking brand new forever.

Remnants of granite slabs are often pieces that can be used as countertops or installations for other purposes. These smaller remnants range in size and color, but they will not have the same characteristics as a full-sized slab because it’s been broken down into its elements: colors, grains and, thicknesses vary much more than you would see on larger stones like those at birthdays restaurants.

If you’re looking to make a quick and easy change in your home, granite remnants are the perfect solution. The best part about them? You can get colors or patterns that match any style without having to worry about what’s going on around it! In most cases, these leftover pieces don’t even have chips or cracks so they’re just as good of condition as their largest counterparts too – which makes this small problem seem less daunting by comparison.

What Are Slabs

Granite slabs are a popular option for kitchen and bathroom countertops. They come in many different styles, ranging from modern to traditional designs that can be installed at your home instead of having one big installation done by professionals since you’ll need it customized specifically according to the dimensions – which means they’re priced much higher than tile options but still cheaper when compared with other exotic materials such as marble or quartz stone.

Since granite slabs are cut in larger sizes, they can have more prominent and continuous patterns. These patterns make the slab unique to your kitchen. Granite remnants on the other hand are smaller pieces making them less uniform-looking than their big brother so you’ll have a hard time telling one from another without careful inspection.

You can install granite slabs more quickly than remnants. One-piece will take less time and require one installer, versus the multiple workers required for tiling an entire floor or room; it also looks impressive when completed with no risk that something might get overlooked if only looking at partway done like some other types of installation may lead you into thinking would happen (elevated edges).


Granite slabs are durable and can withstand scratches, breaks or chips. However they need to be handled properly for the granite’s durability to come through; otherwise, there’ll always be an area where bubbles form due to improper installation by unskilled workers who don’t have enough time on their hands – this causes tiles unsupported under heavy weight- which makes these areas more prone than others towards cracking when dropped from a height.


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Slabs Vs Remnants

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