How to Use a Hand Grinder to Cut Granite

Hand cut granite

How to Use A Hand Grinder To Cut Granite

To cut granite, you need a diamond-impregnated blade. This means that it has been specially designed to give the best results when cutting through rock – which is why they’re perfect for use on things like circular saws or table saws. To keep these blades functioning at their best there are important guidelines: Keep them wet (but not too much), always wear eye protection and gloves; be careful because if this doesn’t happen right away then cracks can form in your project resulting in disaster.

In Preparation

Cut granite with a grinder, lay masking tape along the line of your intended cut and trace it on top. Set up an area where water will be available in case you need to wash away any excess dust from before finishing sanding down the stone afterward; also have some paper towels or rags handy as well so that when necessary wet sponges can do their job without leaving behind streaks all over. Finally, put those safety gear on – don’t forget about wearing gloves (including goggles), ear protection equipment such as headphones if needed, plus make sure it’s respirator time too since this work has zero exposure risks.

To make sure that you’re making a quality cut on your granite, it’s recommended to do so in stages. Make the first pass with an inch-and-a-half wide blade by cutting approximately 1/2 of its depth into the stone – this will help keep both yourself and any water droplets from catching fire or giving off too much heat for safe working conditions. Once cool enough (this could take upwards of 15 minutes), move onto another section where you are only heightening about four inches up until reaching eight total incisors worth; use no more than three fingers’ pressure when fencing through these last few centimeters since they’re noticeably sharper than their predecessors near the base which may give away under excessive force before termination.


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