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Quartz blends the beauty of quartz with innovative technology to create a surface with long-lasting durability for use in commercial and residential projects. A popular choice in kitchens and baths, this quartz maintains its stunning appearance in even heavy-use areas. Unlike a natural stone surface, quartz is non-porous, meaning that it is very resistant to staining. Being non-porous, quartz is also very clean, as bacteria are unable to penetrate it. Come take a look at our large selection of remnants and full slabs of quartz.
Quartz is manufactured. Hence, it allows the manufacturer to make them in a wide range of colors. This is one of the main reasons why quartz stones are so popular when it comes to manufacturing kitchen countertops. Like all non-porous stones, quartz is also resistant to spills and bacteria. Whether you spill oil, coffee, wine, juice, or tomato sauce on it, it won’t stain. Also, it is resistant to bacteria; meaning that if it is thoroughly cleaned frequently there is no chance of bacteria contamination. The durability of quartz is similar to that of concrete. Therefore, quartz remnants are used in the manufacturing of quartz countertops. If you want the best quartz countertops in Tempe and Chandler AZ, then StoneBoneyard can provide you with the best quartz stone to make them. We have quartz in a wide range of colors. Hence, you will be able to get brown, blue, black, and white quartz countertops that can match with the rest of your kitchen.

The beauty and durability of granite slabs have made them a favorite surface throughout the ages. Egyptian pyramids and Hindu temples featured granite to honor the pharaohs and gods. Attractive and naturally stain-resistant, granite enhances any residential homes as kitchen and bathroom countertops, and also a great choice to use outside for the BBQ, Or fireplace. It is true what they say that no two stones are alike. The same can be said of granite. Granite is an extremely durable stone. Only diamonds are more durable than granite. Hence, if you want to use granite remnants in your kitchen, then granite countertops are the way to go. Each granite stone is unique in color and style. Granite is resistant to any kind of bacteria. Hence, a granite countertop that is regularly cleaned will be less likely to be contaminated with bacteria. Also, granite is resistant to heat and fire. As a result, you don’t have to worry about any fire hazards. Therefore, if you wish to have a granite kitchen countertop in your kitchen, then you can add value to your kitchen. If you want the best granite countertops in Phoenix AZ, then StoneBoneyard offers the best granite countertops for sale. We have granite in a multitude of colors. Thus, you can get brown, blue, black, and white-colored granite countertops for your kitchen.

Quartzite Countertops: The Perfect Material For Adding Value To Your Kitchen |Remnants

We have all shapes and sizes, for your smallest to biggest project we have the remnant. Our wide selection of remnants range from granite to quartz all different sizes, check our live inventory to see what we have! SAVE MONEY BUY REMNANTS!!!

Quartzite is an extremely popular material when it comes to manufacturing kitchen countertops. As it is a non-porous stone, therefore, it is resistant to bacteria and stains. Another reason for its popularity is its resistance to heat and fire. Hence, you don’t have to worry about quartzite kitchen countertops catching fire while you work in your kitchen. If you are interested in sadding value to your kitchen and want to buy quartzite countertops in Mesa AZ or Gilbert AZ, then StoneBoneyard is the place to buy them from. We have a wide range of quartzite stones available with us. You can therefore get brown, blue, or black quartzite countertops for your kitchens at extremely affordable prices. The most popular quartzite is the glacier white quartzite. The reason for its popularity is that it is resistant to UV light, hence its color remains unchanged giving it a snow-white color.